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Salon Visit


Lashed by Lynn is the ultimate trip to the salon with indulgence that begins the moment you walk through the door. My clients receive customized care in a professional and relaxing setting. When you book an appointment, I begin to prepare you for your visit before you arrive by sending you a confirmation e-mail with your appointment details. My website is also available to answer any questions you might have, information on what to except the day of your salon visit, and after care instructions. 



Please arrive to your appointment with your eyes and eyelashes free of any makeup products. When you arrive, you will be asked to fill out a Client Intake Sheet and Consent Form to help keep track of the procedures you’ve done and your eyelash health. 





During the consultation we will go over Client Intake Sheet and Consent Form. We will go over what to except during the application of your eyelashes and lastly I will address any questions or concerns you might have before we begin.


Before Application


Posing for the camera is the fun part of your visit as I take your “Before” pictures! Then you’ll lie down on the treatment table in a serene setting. Gel patches are applied under your eyes for comfort (also as an additional treatment), a small piece of non-abusive surgical tape is used cover your bottom lashes. I will thoroughly clean the natural lashes to remove oil and residue. This ensures that eyelash extension will attach properly and last longer.


This is the part of the appointment where the pampering really begins as our experts meticulously apply your eyelash extensions often as you fall asleep!

Eyelash Extesnion Application


This is the part of the appointment where the pampering really begins, as I meticulously apply your eyelash extensions. Your eyes are closed during the entire process often clients fall asleep and sneak in a little  cat nap! We comb through the lashes, then carefully remove the gel pads and do the grand reveal.



After Application


This is the “ooh and ahh” moment for my clients when I hand them a mirror and they see their natural beauty enhanced by luxurious eyelash extesnions.


Once again it’s time for our clients to pose for the camera as I take the “After” shots.  Clients rarely leave without booking a follow up for their Fill-In appointment after being thrilled with the results.





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